Super Tuesday


Senior and captain Brian Kidd controls the puck

On Tuesday, Feb. 11, the OHS boys hockey team will be hosting their first ever Super Tuesday event. Super Tuesday is about getting as many people to come to the game as they can, so they can have the opportunity to play a home section game which they have not had since 2008. Senior Goalie Ethan Pfieffer said, “It will be as fun as a barrel of monkeys.” Owatonna boys  hockey team players will be handing out raffle tickets up to the game. The raffle tickets are to support your favorite player. Simply write your name on the line and drop it in at the chuck-a-puck table. Varsity head coach Josh Storm said, “We ask support for the seniors, the hockey team, and the four seasons and have a real home rink advantage.” Storm believes it will be a close game, and it will have a section game feel to it. He also said he is optimistic on getting a lot of people to come join the fun.