Machinists in the making



The Lathes, a machine that is used to help trim and cuts materials.

Isaac Goettl, Writer

Mr. Marvin Tjaden teaches the Machining and Advanced Manufacturing classes at OHS and does a phenomenal job teaching everything these classes have to offer. Machining is a class offered to all students at OHS. 

Machining is an entry-level course that teaches the students about the machines themselves, and hand operations in the machining lab. Mr. Tjaden said, “It is an introduction to the use of the milling machine, lathe, grinders and bandsaws.” Once they learn proper safety and usage techniques, the students are given the opportunity to create various projects over the semester-long course. Mr. Tjaden’s Advanced Manufacturing class is the next step for students who have already completed Machining I. This course would be beneficial for students who are interested in a manufacturing career or learning more about how the industry’s plan and produce products.

In Machining, students start out the class by working on a practice exercise with measuring and laying out a blueprint for their project. They are currently working on a ball-peen hammer and chipping hammer. OHS junior Chase Dallman said, “I cannot wait to use this hammer at my house.”

I cannot wait to use this hammer at my house.”

— Chase Dallman

So far most of the students already have the handle made and are ready for the next step. Next up is making the ball peen and chipping heads. The ball-peen hammer has two heads, one flat and the other, called the peen, is rounded. The chipping hammer also has two heads, flat on one end, but the other end is coming to a sharp point almost like a chisel. After the hammer project, students will work on making a spinning top.

The Advanced Manufacturing class taught by Mr. Tjaden does not start until the second semester. In this class, Tjaden is trying to set something up with local industry for a project to plan out a blueprint and manufacture a small part that the industry needs or makes.