Mock Trial prepares for new case


Zachary Langager

Senior captain Joey Bruegemeier talking to the group about state

Zachary Langager, Writer

Mock trial is an interactive activity that is based law practices and it gives people the experience of what being part of a real case is like. Mock trial happens every winter during the school. This year, there are about three teams.  A team consist of six lawyers, six witnesses and half of the team is on the defense. The other is on the prosecution.

One can be a lawyer or witnesses in this group. Ashton Jensen is a returner this year, and he said “I’m looking forward to the case that we are doing this year and meeting new people.” The case this year talks about a man who stole some drugs, took them and died. The goal is to try and figure out who’s fault it is, the person who had the drugs or the person who stole the drugs.

Ms. Ann Christensen and Joel Eaton are the coaches this year for Mock Trial. Ms. Christensen is the coach for the high school team. She is approaching her sixth year of doing Mock Trial. Ms. Christensen said, “I am always looking forward to mock trial because my goal for the students is to make it to state every year.”

The club meets every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at four o’clock and competitions are during the day on Fridays and sometimes Thursdays, but it depends on the week. Mock Trial has a tournament in Apple Valley in the first week of January. People from different schools from all around the region come and see who can do their best. The tournament helps them get ready for the regional competition. There is still a window to join Mock Trial, but the window is closing fast as the season has already started preparing the case if interested stop by and see Ms.Christensen in room C210.