Disney + Launches

After more than four years of waiting, The Walt Disney Company launched Disney Plus on Nov. 12, 2019. Disney Plus is a subscription streaming service owned by Disney. It mainly focuses on the film and television content from Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Television. Recently, Disney has bought companies like Hulu and 21st Century Fox, which they bought for 71 billion dollars in March. The Walt Disney Company, which already owns well known studios like Marvel and Pixar, have recently added more assets for its streaming platforms, movies, theme parks and merchandise.

According to their website, subscribers can start Disney+ with a seven day free trial before paying the monthly fee of $6.99 or the $12.99 bundle that includes Hulu and ESPN. That makes it cheaper than other television and movie streaming sites. Disney+  has already gained up to two million subscribers before its launch on Nov. 12. Disney predicts the service will grow to as many as 90 million subscribers by 2024.

Disney+ will debut with ten original movies, specials and series. It’s also expected to release more than 45 original programs within a year of its launch. The debut will include a live-action Star Wars series called The Mandalorian, and other shows include: Lady and the Tramp, High School Musical and they even added the entire  The Simpsons Series and 400 other movies and Tv Shows from Disney’s library. Nolan Ideker says, “ I love how I can watch all my favorite Pixar movies.” With numerous lineups of reboots, spinoffs, sequels and prequels in the works, Disney +will have many options to choose from, documentaries to short films the varieties are endless.