OHS Math League begins the season


Emily Maine

The math league team practicing in Mr. Benson’s room before the next meet

Jasmine Ziegenhagen, Writer

Think of the smartest kids in high school and put them in a group together solving math problems. That is the Math League, a group of eight intelligent students who have a strong ability to solve complex math problems.

The team meets every Monday after school, and participates in five meets each year in Rochester.  Junior Ashton Jensen said, “Math League is an activity that challenges you and increases your Math Capability.” Each meet consists of five events. The first event is algebra, the second is geometry, the third consists of trigonometry and the fourth is an analysis and functions course. After the first four events have been completed, a team event is then held which consists of all the concepts from the first four events. Team leader and OHS math teacher Mr. Benson said, “Each of our competitors picks two events to do, so the kids will do two of the four events.” After the first meet of the season the current standings of the team is in fifth place in the Big 9 with 35 points.

The current individual standings lead with junior Jenna Gleason. Gleason is in 24th place with seven points after the first meet. The next highest standing student is senior Miles Kuhn. Kuhn is in 28th place with six points total. The math league’s next meet is Monday Nov. 18 at Rochester Century.