Kicking off the 2019 Cash Drive


Tyler Harris

Poster for the upcoming events for the 2019 Cash Drive.

Tyler Harris, Writer

The 2019 OHS Cash Drive kicks off this Friday, Dec. 6 with the annual OHS Mangent. This year’s Mangent is held in the OHS auditorium containing six of Owatonna’s very own. Along with the Mangent, OHS is serving up many ways to raise money, including Elementary Game Night, the Ugly Sweater Dance, a slushie machine at lunch and many other things. This year, OHS is teaming up with Toys for Tots, which is an organization providing gifts for kids who are less fortunate this Christmas. 

A big role in making this year’s Cash Drive possible is through the Chairmen in charge of setting up these events. The three chairs are freshman Kiara Gentz, Lileigh Nguyen and sophomore Lauren Thamert. Nguyen said, “The reason for choosing Toys for Tots this year was because we wanted to keep donations local. We wanted to keep it close to home and have our donations help benefit the community.”  Nguyen has quite a few responsibilities, but at the end of the day, it is worth it. She said, “It’s a lot to organize, but it’s a lot of fun and all the money we raise through the events go to a good cause.” 

Apart from hosting school events, the student council is working with local coffee shops and Hy-vee to provide coffee and pastries for teachers in the mornings. The earnings from these organizations are then donated to Toys for Tots. The events to help raise money will end with the OHS student council’s very own ‘Ugly Sweater Dance’ which will be held on Friday, Dec. 13.