Oh what a man!

Elyssa Munch, Writer

It has been that time of year again where the finest men at OHS compete to make a fool of themselves for a good cause. What is the mangeant? It is a pageant of all male students who submit applications to be a part. Student council sorts through all the applications to find the best of the best. The chosen few will be participating in activities like a talent show, lip-syncing, interviewing and several other events.

This year’s mangeant men are: freshman Henry Bon, sophomore Andrew Williams, sophomore Max Guenther, junior Ashton Jensen and senior Ben Revier. Sophomore student council member Maddie Moen said, “The event was a little hard to put together trying to find and order all the props we needed but it has definitely been a fun experience and I’m so excited about it and to see everything come together.”

Aside from the male contestants, there are six weather girls who act as assistants and cheerleaders for the guys on stage. The weather girls begin the mangeant with a dance number to It’s Raining Men by the Weather Girls. The weather girls also take part in events like getting their hair and makeup done. This year’s weather girls are Lauren Phelps, Wilo Omot, Liv Larsen, Elise Sande, Azalea Story and Julia Dallenbach. Sande said, “The Mangent is my favorite student council event because it kicks off our cash drive week, and all the proceeds go to our school’s cause. This year we’re donating to Toys for Tots, and I’m excited to see how much we can raise as a school. ” This event is handled mostly by students with the help of student council advisor Ms. Sandra Justice. Justice said, “I enjoy the spectacle, it is fun to see a change in typical pageant format for a good cause.”

This year’s mangeant winner was senior Ben Revier. For his performances he did a lip sync to Whip It by Devo and for his talent portion, he sang Rainbow Connection dressed as Kermit the Frog, staying true to the songs origins. When asked about his success, all Revier could do was indicate the song playing in the background, We Are The Champions by Queen, with a priceless smile of joy on his face. This year’s second-place winner was sophomore Andrew Williams and in third place was junior Ashton Jensen. The event raised $888 for the Toys for Tots organization and kicked off Cash Drive week.