Power in numbers

The Owatonna High School math league has now come to an end. They met every Monday after school until 4 p.m. to practice their math skills in order to prepare themselves for Big Nine competitions. Sophomore Evan Holt said, “If you’re good at math and enjoy it, you should definitely join math league next year.”  There were four different events in which students were divided into in order to compete. Event A dealt with mostly algebra skills. Event B had problems with geometry. Event C was pre calculus. Event D was discrete math, such as theory, logic, graph theory, number theory and modeling. For every student in the league they had to choose two of the four events to compete in. Advisor Mr. Steve Benson said, “I really enjoyed seeing kids grow with their mathematic skills and working with kids who actually wanted to try challenging things was great. I’m going to miss it a lot.” Their last meet was on Monday, Feb. 11, at Rochester Mayo. The league starts back up next year for anyone who is interested.