Another Black Christmas

Lilly Weegman, Writer

Black Christmas is a Christmas themed horror movie directed by Sophia Takal and produced by Blumhouse Productions, which was released on Friday, Dec. 13. This movie is the second remake of the original Black Christmas that came out in 1974. The new movie stars Imogen Poots, Aleyse Shannon, Lily Donoghue and Brittany O’Grady as the main characters.

The story follows female college students in a sorority over their Christmas break. In the beginning, a member of the sorority Mu Kappa Epsilon is followed by a strange man on his phone after leaving the campus library at night. While trying to walk away from her follower, she begins to receive strange DMs from an account with the name of the school founder, Calvin Hawthorne. Soon after, she is attacked and killed by hooded figures in masks. For the rest of the sorority the break starts normal, until one of the main characters, Riley realizes that her friends have started to go missing. Along with the disappearances, she and some of her friends have also begun to get messages from the strange Calvin Hawthorne account. When Riley attempts to bring these occurrences to the attention of campus security, they brush it off and tell her to go home. Later that same day, the sorority is getting ready to host a Christmas dinner for the students left on campus, and while they’re getting ready, they realize that someone is in the house with them and the figure attacks everyone in the house.

Over opening weekend, the movie pulled in only $4.42 million. The movie did not do as well as hoped and was shadowed by the bigger movie Jumanji: The Next Level which made $60.1 million on the same weekend. Creators of the film say it didn’t do as well as they hoped, getting a score of 45% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 3.1/10 on IMDb.