Ho Ho Bingo!

Sam Henson, Writer

With the winter break approaching, that means it’s time for Ho Ho Bingo. It was held after first hour during TMM. Numbers were announced over the intercom and winning students were running down the hallways screaming, “ho ho ho” to claim their prize in the media center while holiday music played throughout the school. The annual event is a great time for students to take a break from all the work being crammed in the last week of school before break.

The student council works hard every year to put this event together. Senior student council member Camryn Bartz said, “I’m very excited because it’s a way for the whole school to participate in something before break and gets everyone in a good mood.” Prizes are set up in the media center for the winners to grab. To win, students must get five in a row horizontal, vertical or diagonal, like any other bingo game. Senior Leo Gantert, who was Santa for the event, said, “I would like to thank my family and friends for allowing me to be Santa.” Ho Ho Bingo was a great time for students to celebrate the holidays before winter break.