The season of giving


Lilly Weegman, Writer

There are some things at OHS that happen every year, one of which is fundraising. Every year the OHS counseling department organizes a fundraiser. The Season of Giving fundraiser is one that the department does every year. Its purpose is to raise money to give to students who are classified as homeless. 

At OHS, there are 28 students who are classified as homeless. The holidays may be difficult for these students, whose families may be struggling financially. The department’s goal is to raise enough money to give grocery gift cards to the students and to pay off their lunch accounts. The counseling department at OHS is always trying to give back to the students. OHS career center secretary Roxi Stewart said, “Counselors and social workers they’re all about giving, giving, giving. They’re always planning how they can take care of other kids.”

To raise money for this fundraiser, staff members could sign up and pay $10 to wear jeans all week. 46 staff members signed up, which raised $460. Along with wearing jeans, staff members could attend a coffee and hot chocolate bar on a Thursday morning. The coffee bar was free but gave the opportunity of an optional donation to the staff. OHS students can also donate if they would like. So far in the week, the department has already reached its main goal. Donations from just staff members have already exceeded $1000. OHS social worker Ms. Nancy Williams said, “I was able to help those 28 with grocery gift cards as well as another 15 kids who are living in poverty but not considered homeless. I also was able to take care of lunch account balances for 10 students who do not qualify for free lunch but their families are struggling financially.” Along with donations from OHS staff, Ms. Williams has acquired donations from other organizations as well. Trinity Lutheran Church In Owatonna donated gift cards to the fundraiser, and the Noon Rotary Club donated $500. The counseling department at OHS is proud to help students in the community have a better holiday break. They hope that these donations will bring all students and their families holiday spirit. Williams said, “Because of their generosity, many OHS students will now have a bright holiday season and know that others care about them.”