Mr. Stormo’s long career at OHS comes to a close


Marcus Andrist

Mr. Stormo will end his teaching career after 29 years at Owatonna High School

Marcus Andrist, Writer

Mr. Mike Stormo has taught at Owatonna High School for 29 years, and he has always put his students in a position to succeed. He attended South Dakota State University from 1973-1977, studying various sciences. As soon as he graduated in 1977, he began teaching in Hartington, Nebraska, a small town with a population of 1500 in eastern Nebraska. After two years of teaching there, Mr. Stormo went back to South Dakota to teach at Vermillion High School, where he taught for 11 years. In 1991, he came to Owatonna and has been teaching at OHS ever since.

Mr. Stormo teaches AP Physics, Physical Science, and has taught Chemistry in the past. He does not have a favorite subject; however, he has many different things that he enjoys about each of them. His favorite things about Physical Science are watching freshmen do many different fun experiments, and helping them enjoy the opportunities of their future.

AP Physics gives him the opportunity to work with students who have a more clear picture of their future and help them to take the next steps to begin their careers. His students enjoy his AP Physics curriculum especially, as he has found the perfect mixture between humor and learning, creating a fun and interactive learning environment. Jonny Wall, a current Physics student, said, “He’s always fun to be around but gets serious when he needs to. He truly cares about each and every one of his students.”

He’s always fun to be around but gets serious when he needs to. He truly cares about each and every one of his students.”

— Jonny Wall

Outside of class, Mr. Stormo did behind the wheel and taught driver’s ed. He was the National Honor Society Advisor for 24 years, 1991-2014, and introduced the NHS Talent Show. Excluding school, Mr. Stormo’s out of the classroom connections really put his character on display, as the connections his students have made with him have lasted over the years.

There are many emotions attached to retiring and leaving the career one has worked passionately at for over 42 years. Mr. Stormo found it hard to make the decision to retire. He said, “It was much more sad and hard to decide what to do last year when asked what I wanted to do, but now it’s happening and there’s nothing I can do about it.” 

The beginning of second semester will also start Mr. Stormo’s official retirement.   He said, “I’m looking forward to things I get to do, but I’m remorseful about the things I’m not going to be able to do anymore here in the classroom.” Mr. Stormo has impacted many students at OHS. Over the years he has taught over 13,000, in the classroom and in driver’s education. 

He has made many friends in the building along the way, some of which he has even taught himself. Owatonna High School Principal Kory Kath said, “I am sad to see Mr. Stormo retire, but I know that it is well deserved after a long career at Owatonna Senior High School. His leadership and student-centered mission will be missed by students and staff for sure. I am honored to have had Mr. Stormo as a teacher and worked with him as a colleague and wish him all the best in retirement!” Mr. Stormo’s long career with OHS will come to a close as the current semester ends on January 17, 2020.