Friday Fun with Game Club


Zachary Langager

Maclean Pilcher playing a game of chess

Zachary Langager, Writer

There is a group of students at OHS seen bonding over similar interests and engaging in friendly competition. This group is the OHS Game Club, a club where students can bring their own board games, card games or consoles to share and play with others. OHS also supplies two TVs and an X-Box to the club.

Ms. Suzanne Jokela and Mr. Alek Prafke are the advisers of game club, and they occasionally play with the students as well. The club is also very flexible around meeting times and dates for the students involved. Ms. Jokela said, “If there happens to be a day off or a teacher work day, we would work around it so the students can come to game club.”

In 2015, two students came to social studies teacher Mr. Prafke and asked if they could play Super Smash Brothers in his classroom. Mr. Prafke allowed them to start playing in his room, and after time the two students told their friends about their school game room. More students started bringing their own games to the room, but the space was getting too small to hold all the students, so German teacher Ms. Jokela offered her room to the gamers. As the club grew, they moved their meetings out into the upper C plaza to accommodate all the new members.

Wyatt Clausen is a senior that attends all the game club meetings every other Friday. He loves game club because he gets to play Dungeons and Dragons and Super Smash Bros with his friends. Clausen likes seeing what other people like to play and what new games are interesting. Clausen said, “I would recommend game club to anyone who loves playing games.” 

 Game club is an easy activity for students to get involved in and meet new people over a fun game. The club meets every other Friday in the OHS C plaza from 2:50 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., and all students are welcome to join.