OHS Anime Club meets Fridays


Fanta Omot

Anime Club meet every other Friday

Fanta Omot, Writer

The Owatonna High School has opened its doors to the prospect of many new clubs. The clubs range from academic to sports-related to gamers and many more. The students and faculty are always keeping open minds and welcoming new ideas for any potential ways to help students get involved. One of the new clubs that has been added to OHS is Anime club. This was developed at OHS with new members joining each week. Anime club was first created at the beginning of December. The club was made after some students asked special education teacher, Mrs. Alexis Sieffert if she could run an anime club with them, and she thought it was a great idea. Ms. Sieffert said, “I just really like to nerd out with some of the kids.” This is something she really enjoys about anime club.”

Members are not limited to watching one series every time they meet. The group likes to include a variety of options so they can explore new shows as long as it’s school appropriate. Sophomore Landon Olson said, “You get to try new shows to watch.” They also play card games like Yogi and Pokemon while they watch anime. This club is open for anyone to join whether they are a frequent anime watcher or someone who is just interested in the genre. There are 12 consistent members, but they are open to new members and are hoping to grow their club to a wider audience. Anime club meets every other Friday after school to 4 p.m. in room C-310.