Snacking on Super Bowl Sunday

Logan Gauthier, Writer

Each year, the Super Bowl is a time where family, friends and football fans gather together and have a party. With each party comes great responsibility: How many people? And most importantly, food? A couple of the best ways to host a Super Bowl party is to either cater food or have a potluck.

Some of the best snacks to bring to a party includes chips and dip, buffalo wings, cupcakes, Chex mix, and a cheese and cracker tray.  Each of these fantastic options all takes minimal preparation and also minimal money. OHS math teacher Mr. James Dahlgren said, “The key to a successful Super Bowl party is good food, and some friendly wagering.” In order to have a successful party, it is very important to have a variety of foods to meet everyone’s wants and needs. Senior Trevor Otterson said, “My favorite Super Bowl snack is chicken wings because you can add so many different sauces and have a variety of wings.” With many different options to choose from, the party can be a huge success with the right mix of foods.

The key to a successful Super Bowl party is good food, and some friendly wagering.”

— Mr. Dahlgren

According to an article by Time, over one billion chicken wings are consumed on Super Bowl weekend. The Super Bowl is the “Nations second-biggest food consumption day.” Along with the billion chicken wings that are consumed, over one hundred million pounds of avocados are used for guacamole.

OHS decided that their favorite snack is chicken wings, however the most common sauce according to students is honey barbeque, which is followed closely by buffalo sauce. OHS also believes that unhealthy food is better than healthy food when hosting a party. Potlucks are much more common than catering, since everyone can chip in and get involved. Finally, in a close finish, OHS decided that the best type of chip dip is queso followed by salsa, and guacamole.

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