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  • Flowers

Flowers are a gift that shows your significant other or friend that you really care. The refreshing smell and beauty of this gift is guaranteed to get a smile. Junior Maya Schultz said, “I think flowers are the best gift because they are a classic that shows people you care.”

  • Jewelry 

Jewelry would be enjoyed by both girls and boys. Jewelry with a meaning behind it would be a keepsake for a lifetime. People can buy a bracelet, a necklace, a pair of earrings or a ring if they want to make it really special. Senior Jaden Dallenbach said, “I’m getting my girlfriend a necklace to show her I care.” 

  • Clothing

A sweatshirt can be enjoyed by both girls and boys. This gift will keep the gift recipient cozy while thinking of the gift giver. A favorite from the student body is a champion sweatshirt because it’s reasonably priced and stylish. Senior Nolan Ideker said, “I’d love it if my girlfriend got me a sweatshirt for Valentine’s day.”

  • Chocolate 

Chocolate can come in many forms to melt any heart. This gift is yummy as well thoughtful. Boxes of chocolates can be bought from basically anywhere or customize it by making it yourself or special ordering chocolates. This is also a great gift to give any friends. Senior Landon Meier said, “Chocolate would be yummy.” 

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