Talk your way to state


Zachary Langager

Mock Trial preparing for their next meet

Zachary Langager, Writer

OHS Mock Trial season is off to a great start despite obstacles that have come up. Due to snow in Owatonna, many of the trials were postponed and many teams are still trying to finish up their first or second round. With only one point difference, Two out of the three teams are undefeated. Ashton Jensen is in one of the teams that are undefeated. On Friday, February 14, the team will know if they will go to state Jensen said, “On Friday, my goal is to make it to state and if I don’t, I will not change anything.”

The state meet is the first week in March. Owatonna is in round four and hopes to take 14 students to advance to round five. After round five, the group will decide who will be going to state and their rankings. If Team red wins, they will be moving to the state tournament.Ms. Christianson said, “ I am crossing my fingers because I want red team to go to state.”

 Sophomore Tyler Mollenhauer joined mock trial this year. He is a witness and enjoys it because he gets to see what it feels like. Mollenhauer’s group is 0-3 Mollenhauer said, “I was really hoping to go to state, but next year my goal would be to be in mock trial again depending on my classes.” This group is helping the other groups and also being there to cheer them on.  Their next meet is Friday, February 14.