Robot reveal

Lilly Weegman, Writer

The OHS Robotics team is doing great things this year. On Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. the team hosted their robot reveal. Members of the community attended the reveal in A plaza at the Owatonna High School. The team presented the challenge for this year’s competition and how they designed the robot to work for the challenge.

 The challenge includes throwing balls into holes to score points, spinning a color wheel and the robot lifting itself off the ground. The team has been working on their robot for the past six weeks, and are confident in their work this year. Senior Captain Evan Krueger said, “I feel very confident in our ability to succeed at our competitions.”

At their reveal night, members of the team talked about how the build went this season, and why they decided to do what they did. After their presentation, they performed demonstrations with the robot. The team has worked hard on the robot and making it the best one they ever have. The robot impressed the crowd with its performance and attending community members are excited to see how the robot will do in competition. For Krueger, this is his last competition on the robotics team before he graduates. He is proud of the team has done and hopes they continue to do well when he is gone. Krueger said, “It feels good knowing that the team is heading in the right direction and that they are set up for success in the future.”

Regional Competition will be taking place on March 6 and 7 in Duluth, Minnesota. At the regional competition, there will be about 60 teams competing. If they win at regionals, they will attend the national competition in Detroit Michigan, at the end of April.