Onward comes to theaters

Kaden Nelson, Writer

Onward is a new Disney Pixar movie about two teenage elves named Ian (voiced by Tom Holland) and Barley (voiced by Chris Pratt) that get a surprise when they both turn 16 years old. That gift was from their father that had passed away when they were younger. The gift was a magical staff and a magical rare gem. There was a note that came with the gift which said this magical staff and magical gem can make their father appear and have a whole day with him. 

Their journey begins and they find out that using magic is very hard to do, but when they finally get it to work, their father appears. However, only their father’s legs appear. In order for their father’s top half to appear they need to find another gem. Luckily, Barley knows where to get this new gem because of the magical game he has been playing. They head to Manticore’s Tavern to get a clue of where to find it. Once they arrive at the place, they get the gem after escaping from the police and now they can finally get their father back. Throughout their adventure, they use magic to help them overcome obstacles.  

Overall, the movie is really amazing. The way magic is tied in for the brothers to see their dad for a whole day after losing him when they were younger is super cool because nobody can physically do that in the real world. This movie would be great to watch for those who like comedy and adventure Pixar movies. OHS student Sam Kleeberger said, “It’s a fun movie to go to with friends.”

Onward was released on Feb 29, 2020, directed by Dan Scanlon. This movie is 7.7/10 stars on IMDb and 89 percent of people who watched it liked it. The movie earned about $40 million. Showtimes for Onward can be found here.