Freshman planners necessary?


Magnet staffer looking through his planner Photographer: Jack Kleeberger

Jack Kleeberger, Writer

One of the many jobs that a high school administrative team has to face is budget. This includes everything from the planning of a new school to the much smaller day to day decisions. In previous years, the OHS has provided a calendar planner to all freshman students, but at seven dollars a pop, are they truly necessary?   

Earlier this month, OHS Administration asked the OHS Magnet to create an online poll asking freshman students if they felt these planners were a necessary part of their day. OHS Principal Mr. Kory Kath said, “We always want to make sure we use our resources wisely. So we wanted to reach out to students and get their input on the planners.” The results of this poll were pretty straightforward.  With 37 freshman responses to the OHS Magnet poll, 43.3% said they never use the planner, 27% said they use their planner occasionally and 29.7% of students said they use the planners frequently. Freshman Sarah Snitker is one of the students that use a planner frequently. She said, “I keep track of my homework but I don’t use the school planners. I use my own.” Among students that use planners to record information, many of them elect to use their own. Freshman Ethan Tolman is one of the students that never uses a planner. He said, “It’s unnecessary and useless. Not to mention being expensive and harming the ecosystem; they are rarely used over a phone.” 

The results of this poll and responses from students were taken into consideration by the OHS administrative staff as they discussed the future of school provided planners. The main incentive surrounding this discussion is to cut back on unnecessary budget spending. Key word– unnecessary. Based on student feedback, the administration has decided to continue supplying planners to specific departments.  Along with this, a certain number of planners will be available to freshman students who want to pick one up. The planners cost $7 dollars each, a price the district is willing to pay as long as they are being used.