Multicultural night celebrates diversity at OHS


Mariah Schroht

Poster advertising Multicultural night that will take place on Friday, March 13

Mariah Schroht, Writer

OHS is full of students that come from a variety of different cultures. The students of the Mixed Roots organization will be hosting a Multicultural Celebration Night this week. Mixed Roots is a club of students who want to share their culture with OHS. The advisers of Mixed Roots are Mr. Jeremy Wood and Ms. Karen Tinajero Martinez.

The purpose of hosting this event is to bring OHS and the community together to celebrate the diversity of the student population. This is a great opportunity to come and learn about different cultures right here in Owatonna. Event MC junior Wilo Omot said, “

I’m excited to be able to show others my culture and be able to celebrate others cultures too.”

— Wilo Omot

Their main focus is on the backgrounds of Somali, Nuer and Latinx culture. There will be informative presentations on all three cultures, plus a fashion show featuring traditional garments associated with each of these cultures. The organization has also been working on dance routines that showcase the Somali and Nuer culture. Mr.Wood said, I am excited to have the students demonstrate their cultures. They have been working very hard.”

After the event is over, those who attend and participate are welcomed to come to enjoy a free meal catered by El Rey del Taco and Amina Moalin. Food will include a combination of common meals from both Mexico and Somalia. 

This event is free admission and they will be handing out six door prizes during the meal. Multicultural Celebration Night will take place on Friday, March 13 from 5:30-7 p.m in the OHS Auditorium.