Another new thrilling season for “Money Heist”

Kaden Nelson, Writer

Money Heist is a Netflix original series about multiple heists that take place in Italy and Spain. This show is unlike others, most of the time characters are speaking English, but they are also Spanish speaking as well. Money Heist first aired on May 2nd, 2017. Over the years, Money Heist has created three more seasons with new seasons projected to come at a later date. Money Heist is an intense high paced show that will get your attention right away. However, season four is a little different as it plays more flashbacks to the plan of the heist as compared to the other seasons.

After season two, once the first heist is complete, they begin to plan another one. There is a “professor” that is the man with the ideas and gives commands on the outside of the heist hidden away. Season four starts the way season three ended, with two of the thieves in a panic, one getting shot and one going to jail. Throughout season four, there is a lot that happens inside the heist. They still have to continue to burn the gold and make it into smaller pieces but the professor has to find a way to save one of the thieves which is his wife. To make things more interesting, one of the hostages that they captured in the bank who was a security guard had broken loose and was out to get the thieves. 

According to google users basically, everyone who watches the show loves it as google users where 97 percent of people like the show. Money Heist has 8.5/10 stars according to Some of the key people are Alvaro Morte (professor), and Ursula Corbero (Main character- thief). Junior Nolan Burmeister said,  “Money Heist keeps you on your toes all the time with the constant changing of plots and unexpected actions.” Money Heist is a very interesting series that will hook the viewer as they start watching it. Money Heist season four is now available on Netflix.