Athletes still training


Isaac Gefre, writer

This spring’s sports seasons have come to an abrupt stop. Just as many of the spring sports were ramping up and preparing for this year’s season, everything came to stand still when the MSHSL suspended all spring activities due to the COVID-19 virus. Many seniors, who were preparing to play their last sport as a student at OHS, are afraid they might not get that chance. 

Many athletes are bummed about not being able to see their friends while they train. Senior Ethan Walter said, “It sucks not being able to play the sport I love with my best buddies, missing out on the final memories to make with them, it’s something you can never have again.” Many students and coaches are holding out hope for the chance to have a season if the MSHSL resumes activities this spring. Teams are trying to plan ahead to see if a summer season is a viable option, or simply competing in a shorter season. In an effort to maintain hope, all of the athletes still need to find time to train.

Since coaches cannot have any face-to-face contact with their teams, many of them are finding new ways to stay in touch with their athletes and give them ideas of how they can still practice while on this break. Head baseball coach Tate Cummins said, “It’s challenging, I’m so used to being hands-on with the kids being able to observe them and give them pointers along the way and seeing them grow from day one to the end.” Many students cannot train how they normally would: almost every spring sport took advantage of the weight room at the OHS but that is not an option right now. This is where coaches have stepped in and gave kids those alternatives to continue training. Softball coach Mr. Jeremy Moran  said, “I created a webpage for athletes to reference that has drills and workouts they can do at home, I also set up an equipment pick up where kids can pick up the equipment in a drive thru style.” Coaches are adapting to this new style of coaching for now and are making the best out of the situation.

OHS coaches have been doing as much as they can to keep as normal of a routine as possible for their teams. Some coaches have been posting workouts  on Twitter for athletes to do at home, others are having Zoom meetings where they can talk with their teams to check in with them to see how they are doing. Junior Matt Seykora said, “It sucks not having everyone around while we practice and being able to laugh with each other, but I’m trying to stick with my baseball, lifting and running routine.” It is very important for kids to settle into some type of routine when it comes to training by themselves. For girls lacrosse they are going through the same things, Sophomore Alexis Highfield said, “It’s tough not being able to practice with my teammates right now, but I’m doing the workouts my coaches have given me and making the best of it.” All the student athletes are keeping their hopes up that they will get to play spring sports this year, and continuing to workout and practice will help keep a positive attitude.

At this time all sports are postponed until May 4, and will be reevaluated closer to that date to see if it is safe to have kids be playing sports. In the meantime athletes are preparing for their sports the best they can.