The key to cumin


Ethan Rohman

Cumin creates an earthy taste necessary for many dishes, and it has a long shelf life

Ethan Rohman, Writer

Most seasonings are unknown to the average person; however, increasing knowledge of seasonings can improve one’s cooking skills more than anything. Cumin is a key seasoning in developing good flavor in dishes similar to chili. 

Beef and cumin are a great combination, and that is why it is a key ingredient in every taco seasoning. Adding cumin to refried beans and other classic mexican dishes will elevate the taste of each thing. Just like any other seasoning the best way to add cumin to the dish is to add a little at a time and taste it after it is completely mixed into the dish.

This is a delicious recipe for sloppy joes :

1 diced white onion 

⅓ cup of diced jalapeño (fresh or canned)

1 teaspoon black pepper for the hamburger

salt season and taste

cumin season and taste

2 10.75 oz cans of chicken gumbo soup 

1 10.75 oz can of tomato soup 

1 lb of 80-20 hamburger

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 40 minutes

Makes 10-12 sloppy joes

In a large skillet place the hamburger and diced onion. Cook on high heat, and make sure the beef is broken up into pea size pieces. Once it is a fine mixture of hamburger and onion, sprinkle the black pepper over the pan so that it is evenly spread. Then, stir and continue until the onions become soft or hamburger is cooked. After, pour off leftover hamburger grease.

In a stock pot, mix chicken gumbo soup and tomato soup along with jalapeño. On medium low heat mix the soup periodically. By cooking the soup for longer on low heat, the jalapeño flavor is incorporated more thoroughly in the dish.

After mixing the hamburger and the soup, keep heat on low until hot, and enjoy. 

Browning the onion with the hamburger and black pepper is key to developing good flavor in the onion. The onion is sauteed in the hamburger fat, and whenever browning hamburger black pepper is necessary to enhance the flavor of the beef. 

When working with jalapenos try to keep the heat low and increase the cook time. Doing this will help incorporate the spiciness throughout the dish ensuring that each person has the same flavor experience. 

When cooking, be intentional about the flavors used. Cumin and other spices elevate dishes, and one does not realize what they were missing until they have added these ingredients.