A whole new look to Big Brothers Big Sisters recruitment



Seniors Camrny Miller and Carson Dekam with their little

Kaden Nelson, Writer

Interested in being a big brother or big sister if so, consider joining the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Minnesota  is an organization available to others who want to make a difference in a kid’s life. This year they haven’t been able to recruit students like they have in the past at OHS. 

In Big Brothers Big Sisters high school students  get matched at the beginning of the school year with a little from an elementary school in Owatonna. Bigs meet once per week over lunch or another time that works in your schedule at the Little’s school to be a friend and positive role model during your junior and senior years. Activities that pairs can do are play board games, go outside, talk, etc. However with being a big, comes big responsibilities. OHS Junior Lincoln Maher said, “I enjoy the ability to make a  difference in a young kid’s life by just spending time with them”.

I enjoy the ability to make a  difference in a young kid’s life by just spending time with them

— Lincoln Maher

Megan Hortan, a Big Brothers Big Sisters Community Outreach Director said, “Each spring we come into the schools to talk to freshmen and sophomores during lunch. We try to recruit at least 40 new high school Bigs to start the following school year. Since we can’t do that this year we have had to get creative and are looking for other ways to get the word out about the program”. So far they only have seven of the 40.

In order to be involved in this program, bigs must lead by example to their little, be positive at all times and make it fun for your little. Even during these hard times today pairs are connecting through calls, text, facetime and email. If interested in being a big feel free to sign up and contact Megan Hortan for more information about getting started.