OHS seniors announce future plans on Instagram


Photo taken from @ohs.seniors on Instagram.

Meghan Rostvit, Writer

Graduation is around the corner, and the seniors are starting to officially announce their plans for after high school. A lot of seniors will go on to higher education or go to work immediately. Whatever one’s plans might be, OHS wants to make sure the seniors are recognized. The OHS student council has made an Instagram to showcase seniors and their future plans. 

The page has approximately 83 posts, and usually post the day that the user submits their information.Senior Elise Sande said, “The purpose of the Instagram is to unify the Class of 2020 during this crazy time and celebrate their future plans! It is a great place for everyone to see what our classmates are going to be studying or going into for a career.” 

To submit information to be included on the page, make sure to follow the Instagram @ohs.seniors and click on the link in the bio to fill out a short form. There will be questions about future plans. Students can fill out whether they are going on to college, and what they want to major in, or what they are going straight into the workforce for. Seniors will also need to submit a photo of themselves. If anyone has questions, they are able to email Camryn Bartz @[email protected] or DM the Instagram @ohs.seniors.