OHS Girls Tennis comes out on top

The OHS Girls Varsity Tennis team had just a few obstacles thrown at them this season. So far they had the fear of not having a season, to having a shortened season and now to get a postseason. 

The team recently found out that a postseason team tournament has been added to the schedule allowing them to have at least two more matches. Captain Megan Johnson said, “I’m glad the season is extended and that we were able to play this year.”  When the season was first announced the team wasn’t sure what the season and let alone a postseason would look like. Coach Curt Matejcek said, “We have had a really solid season so far. The team has shown great effort and have worked hard at practice.” 

Since the team was able to have a modified season. There were a few changes that had to take place. Besides all the COVID protocols such as wearing a mask before and after the match,  doing introductions from opposite sides of the court and having the home team handle the score trees. The team wasn’t able to play any non-conference meets or tournaments. Despite the pandemic that has been going on around them, they are 7-2 so far.

Considering the team added five new varsity players this season. They had to work hard and go through numerous doubles drills. With having a fairly new varsity team Matejcek said, “What has stood out has been how well we have competed even though being inexperienced in our doubles lineup.” The team consists of 35 girls including varsity and JV. With having many first year players on JV came a lot of drills, practice and learning the basics. Matejcek said, “We have been excited to see the progress everyone has made.” 

Having five seniors on the team brought lots of highlights and memories. Captain Bussert said, “A team highlight is getting to play with a bunch of amazing girls and getting to bond with them.” They have had a successful season so far and are hoping to take home two more wins this week. They have a home meet at OHS on Tuesday, Sept.  29 at 4:30 p.m. vs. Red Wing.