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OHS alum Mr. Dinse returns to OHS this year

Mitch Dinse

OHS welcomes Mr. Mitchell Dinse

Mr. Mitch Dinse is a new teacher in OHS. Mr. Dinse teaches advanced woodworking and construction technology. He heard about this job from Mr. Kath, who gave him a call and it sparked his interest ,so he immediately jumped on the opportunity and he is now teaching in the OHS. He likes that the classes are back in school as he believes that it is good to have that face to face connection with his students. After graduation from OHS in 2014, he went to University of Wisconsin -River Falls.

Mr. Dinse is a certified Husky. He was born in Owatonna and has now come full circle, teaching high school in which he has been taught. He and his family live in Owatonna. He loves anything outdoors. He loves to fish, hike and hunt from time to time. He did not know what or where he wanted to teach at first, but he knew one thing for sure and that is to come back to his hometown and live there.

The reason that Mr. Dinse was interested in teaching advanced woodworking and construction technology is because he loves activities that he can do physically and he believes that they are valuable. He says, “It teaches a whole different skill set than those basic concepts that you get in English or math and being able to start with nothing and end up with something.” You can find him at G-210.

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