College and Career Day-but make it virtual


Designed by Muna Mohamed

OHS will host a Virtual College and Career Day event on Friday, Nov. 6.

Muna Mohamed, Writer

Every year students at OHS get the opportunity to have access to many colleges, career opportunities, employers and so much more. However, with an ongoing pandemic and the need to follow the Centers for Disease Control’s guidelines, this year is going to be virtual. OHS will be hosting college and career day with employers and colleges through video, informative slides and have the chance to have conversations with the schools, live, on Friday, Nov. 6. The experience will feel different, but the information and opportunities will be just as impactful as the past years.

There are a lot of colleges and employers that send information about themselves and this information will all be compiled into a mass slide show. Because of this, students will get the chance to interact with the institutions on their own time. After the event ends, the slides will be available to students that wish to look back on them. This virtual event was made possible by OHS counselors, the administrative team, secretaries Ms. Roxi Stewart and Ms. Dawn Tuchtenhagen, as well as teachers Mr. Tate Cummins and Ms.Rhynda  Dulas.

How it works-

College and Career Day offers so much information and knowledge on how to transition from high school to your adult life. Junior Liban Mohamed said, “College and career day helped me learn more about the application process and made me feel less worried. Getting to do this every year is something I look forward to.” Students will be able to have contact with various colleges and employees, including having access to the benefits that they offer potential students. This consists of scholarships, college tours, free transcripts, job opportunities and financial support. 

There will be information on what steps should be taken when trying to go to college and what should be done during high school to achieve that. Mr. Kath said, “It is critical that all students 9-12 begin to research colleges and employers that will help them reach their future goals. Now, more than ever, we need to have hopes and dreams for our future and this event helps to put them into motion.”

Counselors are essential for students when looking at life after high school. The process is made easier for students and they are able to have a good support system when they utilize counselors. Ms. Sara Craig said, “The role we play with students and families is to help guide students as they pursue post-secondary education or a career path. Provide timelines for college applications, connect students with our workforce development coordinator, and help with high school course selection.” On College and Career Day, students should take the advantage to learn more about what opportunities are out there and ask counselors how to make them come true. Students can link to to log into the virtual event.