What sports video games students are playing


Designed by Zach Kubicek

What sports video games are students playing

Zach Kubicek, Writer

Video games have been increasing in popularity throughout the years. They are constantly improving and becoming more realistic. One of the most popular categories of video games is linked to sports. Nowadays, playing a sports video game is almost like playing the real thing (without the physical activity of course). Students are likely to turn to sports video games for entertainment or as a substitute for real sports. The pandemic has caused many students to pick up the controller, rather than going outside to play sports. 

Based on a poll sent to OHS students, the average amount of hours students spend playing sports video games each week is between zero and three hours. One-fourth of students stated that they are playing more sports video games because of the impact of COVID-19. This could be due to the free time students have on distance learning days. Junior Casey Pederson said, “I have more time to do things I want like playing video games or watching TikToks.” Pederson, as well as many other students, enjoys playing sports video games to fill his free time. Pederson adds,“My favorite sports video game is NHL 2021 because I love hockey.” 

My favorite sports video game is NHL 2021 because I love hockey

— Casey Pederson

Some other sports games students chose as their favorite include Madden NFL 20, NBA 2k20 and FIFA 20. Senior Casey Johnson said, “I don’t have a favorite sports video game because I prefer playing real sports”. The last question on the poll asked what a student prefers: playing sports video games or playing sports in real life. 100 percent of the students surveyed said they would rather play sports in real life. 

Sports video games can simulate what it’s like to play a certain sport. This is one reason they have become so popular over the years. Playing a sports video game may be able to substitute for playing a sport, but they still lack the physical aspects of real sports.