Huskies looking to convert


Audrey Simon

Payton Beyer and Zach Stransky getting ready for the snap

Connor Budach, Writer

The Owatonna Huskies are again putting on an impressive showcase this season with a 4-2 record. The Huskies are currently leading their conference with the Rochester Mayo Spartans and Rochester Century Panthers close behind. The Spartans have the same record at 4-2, but the Huskies have beat the Spartans this year so the Huskies are at the top of their conference.

The Huskies have had an odd season so far. They not only have had a lot more injuries than usual throughout the season, but they have also had to play some makeup games that they otherwise wouldn’t have played. Head coach Jeff Williams said, “We don’t have a tremendous amount of depth this year so injuries hurt us a lot as a lot more players have to play both offense and defense this year, which makes injuries more likely.” Some of the players that are injured are Senior captain Matt Seykora, starting cornerback Mason Saufferer, starting left tackle Hudson Aase, starting left guard Nate Smith is out of the line up as well. 

These setbacks will have to make the Huskies come together as a team. Senior captain Payton Beyer said, “One thing that we do well this year is that we have really played well as a team this year, when someone goes down its next man up and everyone is ready to go in at any moment.” The Huskies have only had six regular season games instead of the traditional eight game regular season.

On Friday, Nov. 6, the team took an unfortunate loss to Mankato West Scarlets losing 14-35, which is the first time since 2016 that the Huskies have lost two regular season games. The Huskies then came back from that slump to beat the Northfield Raiders 42-0 to end the final regular season game on a high note hoping to bring that momentum into the one game playoff the Huskies got for the championship due to COVID-19 restraints. The Huskies will be playing the championship game against the Rochester Mayo Spartans on Nov. 11 at  7 p.m. at Owatonna High School.