Fantasy Football – Playoff Picks


Designed Nick Williams

Nick Williams explains picks for Week 14 of Fantasy Football

Nick Williams, Writer

With Week 14 of the NFL season approaching, fantasy football managers are setting lineups and making some last minute changes to their team in hopes to make a big push in the playoffs. There are only three weeks of fantasy football left in the season and at this point in the year, matchups become very important and managers need to be looking for the best possible matchups to give yourself a great chance to win these next few weeks.

At the running back position, the most solid start this week is Derrick Henry. Henry has been a great fantasy option all year. He is currently leading the league in rushing yards and will be facing a very weak Jacksonville Jaguars defense who have gotten torched by the run all season. Although he is coming off of one of his worst games of the season, he should bounce back this week. Junior Sam Pfieffer has Henry in his fantasy football league. Pfieffer said, “Henry has been a great player for me all season, he had a rough game last week but I really need him to bounce back this week if I want to win.” Henry has the weakest playoff schedule of all running backs, making him a very viable option every week for the rest of the season.

At wide receiver, Devonte Adams is a great player to have on your team. Adams will face the Detroit Lions this week who have struggled defensively all season. With Adams, matchups do not matter as much because he will produce every single week regardless of who he plays. It is always a plus when he has a great matchup and It will help that the Lions do not have a Lockdown corner or anyone who can really guard Devonte Adams effectively. He has been one of the best if not the best fantasy receivers this season and that is likely to continue throughout the fantasy playoffs.

At quarterback, Aaron Rodgers will likely have a great game this week against the Lions. Rodgers is currently the fifth ranked quarterback in a half PPR league and going up against a very weak defense. Rodgers has been phenomenal all year long and I would expect this play to continue throughout the fantasy playoffs. Lucas Jensen has Aaron Rodgers in his fantasy league. Jensen said, “I had Lamar Jackson at the beginning of the year and I thought he was gonna be my quarterback, but Rodgers turned out to be the much better option for me all year.”

With the talent that all three of these players have and considering their great matchups, all of these guys should be great throughout the fantasy playoffs and are must starts every week from here on out.