OHS Knowledge Bowl virtually knows it all


Mariah Schroht

Knowledge Bowl Team prepares for their competition

Abe Stockwell, Writer

The OHS Knowledge Bowl is a competition for the quick-witted and intelligent individuals. They compete against others in our school and other schools around southern Minnesota. The Knowledge Bowl is run very much like a Jeopardy game- four rounds of play with categories of different types of subjects and when an individual  knows the answer just buzz in. The first round is written but the next three rounds are verbal answers. Scores are compiled over the four rounds of play and totaled at the end.

COVID-19 has changed the way all activities look like, this year, the team did an all virtual bowl this Thurs. January 28. On Thursday, Owatonna entered two teams out of 21 total. One of the teams of all sophomores took second, the other team made up of all ages took eighth. Both teams were excited about how they did. Mr. Dan Saehler, a teacher at OMS, is the coach. Mr. Saehler said,‘’I think the best part is not only watching kids interact in a positive and fun way but learning new things is always great too”. 

Senior Cheryl Smith is a real team leader for the knowledge bowl. Smith said, ‘We have only had two meets so far, but they have both been successes. We are having a great time together as a team. The two teams are very competitive with one another but fun is very important.” Smith goes on to say that she does this for the fun and the interaction with other kids that she may not know very well. Most people may not know what the knowledge bowl is, but the team hopes the numbers grow in the years to come and it becomes more and more popular.