Wonder Woman: An underwhelming sequel


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Wonder Woman has received poor reviews Source: orcasound.com

Wendell Relacion, Writer

The first Wonder Woman showed DC fans hope in the live action film industry. The way that the director portrayed Wonder Woman was in a way that viewers loved. They portrayed her as a very powerful character with human-like qualities. Because of this, the movie revolved around her character and the decisions that she made throughout the film. One of the best choices that she took was when she went into no man’s land in the time of WW1. Not only does she single handedly take suppressive fire from the enemy squad, but she also inspired the soldiers on her side to charge forward. A lot went well for this movie

I think that it should have been about her being a hero, but not being a hero just because she has superpowers. They took what made her interesting in the movie.

— Nathan Smith

Wonder Woman 1984, on the other hand, lacked on so many levels. First, the plot is bad. The movie revolves around a stone that can make wishes come true, but when you make a wish, it will also take something important from you. Although this concept has been done before, this was a bad implementation of it. The main antagonist, who absorbs the power of the stone, tells everyone that they should wish for whatever they should. This turned the movie into a chaotic mess that can’t be solved simply by regular means. Wonder Woman tells everyone they should unwish their wish. There are a lot of people that made a wish. So the chance that everyone, every, single one, of the people that wished, unwished is little to none. There is no way that the father, who wished for their child to be healthy again, would unwish their wish simply because someone on the television told him to do so. The movie was also poorly paced. The first hour of the movie was agonizing as all there were characters talking and the movie showing a little bit of the wishing stone’s power. The action at the end did not make up for the agonizing first hour as the fight scene with Cheetah and Wonder Woman was out of context as Cheetah had no reason to fight Wonder Woman – plus, it contained horrible CGI. 


Second, the characters were weak. Wonder Woman wished for Steve Trevor to be alive again. The character who symbolizes individuality has had Steve Trevor, a man who she spends a total of one week with in the first movie, on her mind for around 100 years. It made those who love and understand Wonder Woman and what she represented were mad that she needed someone that severely. Another character that lacked is Steve Trevor. He did not bring anything to the story other than being Wonder Woman’s reason that she started losing her powers. He was just there to be there and did not have a big impact in the movie.

Overall, everyone had pretty high expectations of the Wonder Woman 1984 movie. The first Wonder Woman movie was a great representation of what Wonder Woman symbolized and was a great movie to introduce live-action superhero fans to Wonder Woman. The first movie had better pacing as well as having action scenes throughout the movie. All the characters had good reasonings as to why they acted the way they did. Wonder Woman 1984 had none of this. Wonder Woman became weak and dependent instead of independent and strong. Many of the characters were a little out of place or had no purpose. The first hour included long, agonizing dialogue that could have been cut down. There was very little action, and when there was one, it contained poor CGI and was poorly choreographed. The plot did not hold very well at the end as the wishing stone made it almost impossible to keep a concrete plot. The first movie absolutely outclassed the second one, even though they each had the same director. Magnet rates it a 4/10.