Opinion Poll: COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Out


Designed by Olivia Shaw

The 2021 vaccine roll out plan is set to vaccinate 300 people.

Olivia Shaw, Writer

On Jan, 21. 2021 Joe Biden set forth a national strategy to respond to COVID- 19. In this seven step process the goal is to vaccinate first responders, higher risk citizens and at least 300 million  people by the end of summer. This plan could be achieved, but the government’s first step is restoring trust in the people by getting the needed resources. 

With the nation starting to recover, the step was to start vaccinating people in the community. The first responders, elderly and teachers are up first. For reference, the teachers are just now starting to receive theirs. This plan sparked a question of whether the roll out plan is going to be effective. Junior Madi Voracek says, “I’m not really sure the plan, but I think it will be effective.” This shows that the plan hasn’t been implemented very well yet. Sophomore Kalina Boubin says, “Yes, I think that people that truly need it, getting it first is a great idea and there will be a weight lifted from doing this.” By going for the people that are higher risk first, puts forth a better rate of effectiveness and hopefully will prove to lower the case rate. 

Staff and Students at OHS, determine whether or not the goal to vaccinate 300 people is a realistic goal. Designed by Olivia Shaw


President Joe Biden set a goal to get 300 million people vaccinated by the end of summer to early fall. Though his first intent was to vaccinate 100 million people within his first 100 days in office. Biden’s first intent seemed sort of reasonable as that would be one million people a day from all over the world. Then does the 300 million plan seem like a stretch? Boubin adds, “It’s a stretch, because some people aren’t going to want to get it and the timing I don’t like is realistic.” An anonymous surveyor says, “I don’t think that will be successful. One of the biggest issues is making the vaccine readily available, MN especially is not set up to transport the vaccine in an efficient manner.” This proves true as the place that a person will get a shot, doesn’t have a plethora of vaccines on hand. They have to get the vaccines shipped to them by truck or a different mode of transportation. Another anonymous surveyor says, “I think that it will be successful if they stick to their plan.” This plan is a sign of hope and by setting this goal it gives a sedative to restore the nation. 

After hearing about other people getting the vaccine and the national plan, the rest of the nation will eventually have to make the decision on whether or not they want to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The Magnet poll revealed 36% of respondents would get the vaccine.