The next big streaming service is here

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Peacock is one of the newest streaming services Source:

Evan Buck, Writer

Peacock Streaming was launched on April 15 of last year. Peacock is available to watch for free with 13,000 hours of content, premium is $4.99 with 20,000 hours of content and if users want to watch ad-free they can pay $9.99 per month. With shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Friday Night Lights and Superstore. The Office is another show on Peacock and has seasons one-two available to watch for free, but seasons three-nine are only available through Peacock premium. Peacock hopes to become the next big streaming service.

As of right now Peacock does not seem to have enough shows and movies that will draw people to the streaming service. The popularity of The Office alone will draw many people to the streaming service, but as of now Peacock doesn’t have enough popular shows to push it past the likes of Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max.

When The Office left Netflix on Jan. 1 of this year people were upset and sad that one of the most popular shows today was being moved to a different streaming service. Junior Connor Ginskey said, “I was pretty upset when The Office was moved to Peacock, because it’s one of my favorite shows.” Certain shows like The Office can be watched over and over again because it becomes a comfort show that people watch when they need a laugh.

Friday Night Lights is another show that will get the attention of users. Throughout the show’s five seasons fans will see what it’s like to play high school football and the bonds that can be made. Friday Night Lights is a fun, light-hearted show that is sure to get a lot of attention now that it’s on Peacock.

With all of these different streaming services coming out it makes things difficult for users that like a wide variety of shows that belong to other services. Sophomore David Smith said, “No, because the only show it has that I would watch as of right now would be The Office and it’s not worth the money to pay for one show.” Peacock has a lot of competition and is still relatively small compared to other streaming services.

In Peacock’s first year it has become quite successful and with the addition of a few more big name shows could become the next big streaming service. Peacock is available to join now for free and premium comes with a seven day free trial.