Megan Johnson commits to MSU


Oliver Hansen

Captain Megan Johnson hits the ball

Evan Dushek, Writer

Megan Johnson is a senior at Owatonna High School who has recently committed to Minnesota State University, Mankato to play tennis. She has had a very successful career so far at OHS and plans to continue her campaign this year and heading into college. 

 Johnson is not just another tennis player; she is a talented one. She strives when switching hands and wearing her opponent down. Another thing that separates her from her opponents is her ability to be unpredictable and catch her opponents off guard.  Johnson said, “I learned a lot through my high school tennis experience. I spent a lot of time playing tennis and my teammates felt like family to me.”

Others around Johnson were able to admire her hard work and talent as well. OHS Girls Tennis coach Curt Matejcek said, “Megan has put in countless hours on the court. Her dedication to practice and playing tournaments year round really propelled her game. She has the ability to outwork and outlast most of her opponents. Her willingness to fight for each and every point is pretty special to watch.”

Going into her next tennis season Johnson is very excited. Johnson said, “ I’m looking forward to being able to play this year. Also being able to get better as a player.”  There is little doubt that Johnson will show out this season. 

Johnson will be playing at the collegiate level about a year from now as a Maverick of Minnesota State University, Mankato. Johnson seems to be the exact type of high school athlete to succeed at the next level. Johnson is hardworking and truly dedicated to the sport. Coach Matejcek said, “Megan has the ability to succeed next season at Mankato with the same hard work ethic she has always displayed.” Johnson being the competitor that she is, seems very excited to play at the next level and show more people what she’s got.