Flipping through the season

Payton Beyer, Writer

The OHS Gymnastics Team has started out with a very successful season. The team has a record of 5-0, capitalizing on their most recent match of the season to Northfield. Though the team endured a tough start, they have been coming through in every meet.

They were late to join the win category due to COVID-19 related issues. After the slow start they picked things up right away competing for the rest of the year two times a week. Head coach Evan Moe said, “We’ve been calling on our rookies and younger athletes to step up into varsity spots regularly as we have kids going down due to injury.” With the season being shorter and more condensed injuries can be a big issue. 

Another challenge many sports have been facing this year is wearing a mask or remaining socially distanced, though the gymnastics team does not have to wear masks while practicing and competing. The main struggle for them is staying aware and keeping their distance during practices or any meet. They have definitely been more cautious than other sports teams hoping to keep the season going and not going back into the shutdown they had to start the season.

This year’s seniors have been through it all, for the gymnastics seniors, Lindsay Bangs, and Lucy Macius, they have been a positive influence on the team. Moe said, “Their willingness to be leaders. They grew up with great student mentors and have stepped into that role now as senior captains and are showing the young kids how to navigate a season.” This year’s seniors have tried their best to be positive, leading others during the pandemic. Bangs said, “It has been a little different than most years but glad we are still able to have a season.”

Bangs has high but reachable expectations for this year’s team. Bangs said, “Our goal is to win Sections and go to State! Just trying to stay positive and take each day as it comes.” The team has had a very strong start to the season and is pushing for big things in the future. Their next meet is on Saturday, March 6 at Winona.