Sarah Kingland continues her basketball career at MSU Moorhead


Sarah kingland at the free throw line

Connor Budach, Writer

Sarah Kingland has come into the Owatonna Basketball program and showed out for as long as she can remember and after some impressive seasons on the high school team and some great seasons on Minnesota Air. It was no surprise that she signed to play basketball for the next four years at MSU Moorhead. 

Kingland at 5’11” has unmatched athleticism when it comes to playing varsity basketball as she dominates the competition and nearly averages a double-double scoring 14.2 points per game and grabbing 7.3 rebounds per game. Kingland is a huge factor on why the Owatonna Girls Basketball Team is currently on a hot streak. Her outstanding use of post moves and ideal height made her a top priority for MSU Moorhead. MSU Moorhead has always been a top priority for Kingland ever since she visited the campus. Kingland said, “MSU Moorhead had always been one of my top choices and after visiting other colleges I knew that’s where I wanted to go.” Kingland is looking forward to meeting her new teammates very soon and is excited to develop her basketball skills even further.

When high school basketball was not in session, Kingland participated on the Air Minnesota basketball team which is in a league with some of the top basketball girls in the state. The team would travel all across the state playing tournaments and games. That was what got teams to really notice Kingland. It was her exceptional play against some of the top competition for high school basketball as she is one of the standout performers on her Air Minnesota team.

Kingland has always been the number one girl on varsity and has been a huge mentor to the other girls on the varsity team and has made her teammates expand their game through her teaching. Junior captain Holly Buytaert said, “Sarah is a leader on and off the court. She puts so much effort into everything she does and is an amazing teammate.” Kingland definitely shows to her teammates just how much she cares about the game and everything that comes with it. With Kingland’s leadership and willingness to be the very best it would be no surprise to see her fit in really well at MSU Moorhead.