Falcon and the Winter Solider, Limited Series


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Marvels new series “Falcon and the Winter Solider” is soon to be released on Disney Plus.

Brittany Sackett, Writer

On March 19 Disney Plus is releasing another Marvel series called Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Disney is starting to release many new series that you can only watch on their streaming service, Disney Plus. With many new series from Marvel, Star Wars and another season of High School Musical the series that is set to come out. 

Stan Lee has made some of the most popular movies. Stan Lee wrote his first comic when he was only a teen, it was called Captain America. Sophomore Matthew Tech says, “Stan Lee has made many awesome movies, just starting with one little comic. I am excited to see what else Marvel brings to life after his passing.” Lee wrote many comic books about these characters before he turned them into real-life movies. 

Many fans have different opinions on the new way Disney Plus is starting to do things. Senior Ava Bretl said, “I have watched all of the Marvel movies and I am excited for this series. I don’t really like the series version of these things, I would rather have movie versions.” Just like WandaVison and The Mandalorian, each episode of this series will come out once every week on Friday until April 23. This six-episode series will star Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, and Sam Wilson, Falcon. 

Bucky Barnes is a very old friend of Captain America dating back to the 1930s. They became friends during school and later joined the U.S. Army together when the U.S. joined World War II. While in a fight with Captain America, Barnes falls off of a moving train, everyone thought he was dead. Later a group of people picked him up after the fall and turned him into what he is now, the Winter Soldier. Sam Wilson is a newer friend to Captain America. Wilson first appears in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier where he helps Captain America and Black Widow hide after everyone turns against them. After this, he helps Captain in Avengers: Age Of Ultron to fight alongside and eventually join the Avengers. 

At the end of the last Marvel movie Endgame, before Captain America said his last goodbyes, he gave his shield to Falcon making sure it was in good hands. In the series, Falcon decides to keep Captain America’s legacy alive and takes over for him with the shield. These two friends of Captain America have to learn how to work with each other to continue to save the world and learn how to fill Captain’s spot. 

Just like many of the movies this series has its own comic book that it is based on. Due to the comics that Lee made many people got to see many of their favorite characters come to life in these movies. Many Marvel fans are excited to watch this series and to see what is next.