Caitlynne Bussert to Mankato


Oliver Hansen

Caitlynne Bussert serving to her Alber Lea opponent

Evan Dushek, Writer

OHS senior Caitlynne Bussert has had great success playing tennis at the high school level and will continue to play at the college level. Bussert recently signed to play Division II tennis at Minnesota State University, Mankato. She has had success throughout her whole high school career, thanks to her countless hours of working on her game. Now Bussert plans on carrying that determination over to the collegiate level. 

Both Bussert and girls tennis head coach Curt Matejcek agree that Bussert’s knowledge and recognition while playing doubles is what separates her from those around her. Coach Matejek said, “She has a great understanding of the game of doubles.”  

Now that Bussert has proved herself as a high level high school tennis player she has the opportunity to show that she can compete as a Maverick of Minnesota State University Mankato. Matejek said, “Caitlynne will have the opportunity to show off her singles game next season, she was one of our top players but played almost exclusively in doubles. As with all players that play at the next level, they are usually stronger and faster, Caitlynne will need to keep putting in time and effort just like she has in the past to continue to be successful.” 

Aside from making those strides to compete at the next level, Bussert is excited to be a part of a new team. Bussert said, “I am really excited to get to play with a whole new group of girls and get to know all of my new teammates.” The team aspect of the sport is very important to her. Bussert’s favorite part of her high school tennis experience was the team aspect as well. She said, “My high school tennis experience was amazing because of the family type feel we had on our team.”

The drive and determination from Bussert and the little doubt that her hard work will push her to be successful as a collegiate tennis player only brews excitement and anticipation for her great career.