How to partake in spring break 2021

Zach Kubicek, Writer

Spring break is just around the corner. From March 18-29, students at OHS will have school off. There are a variety of different ways to enjoy spring break. Here are a few suggestions to make the most out of spring break 2021. 

The first activity to do during spring break is go on a road trip. Driving reduces the amount of people one comes in contact with, and they have a better chance of staying safe from COVID-19. Skip the airport and plane, which are possible settings where one could get infected with the virus. There are many beautiful places to travel to here in the state of Minnesota. Drive to Duluth, Minnesota. The town is considered one of the most scenic places to go to in the state.  It is home to the famous Aerial Lift Bridge and North Pier Lighthouse. Camping is another option to experience the outdoors on break. Reconnect with nature with family and friends. Make a campfire, stargaze or go for a hike in the great outdoors. Itasca State Park is a great place to camp, or stay in the historic Douglas Lodge. The park is home to the start of the famous Mississippi river and offers beautiful natural scenery. Get your MN state park pass here.

The COVID-19 restrictions in Minnesota have recently changed, allowing more entertainment and dining options for students during spring break.  Restaurants can now hold up to 75 percent capacity and stay open until 11 p.m. Many restaurants, especially locally owned restaurants, have been struggling as COVID-19 continues to take a toll on their business. A great way to support them is to go to a restaurant with friends or family members during the 11 day break.

 Starting March 15, the state is increasing the occupancy at entertainment venues to 50 percent and a maximum limit of 250 people. Some local entertainment options are bowling at Sparetime or watching a movie at Cinema 10. Another loosening of restrictions is that more people will be able to attend live sporting events. On April 1, the new guidelines allow up to 3,000 fans inside the Xcel Energy Center to watch the Minnesota Wild and up to 10,000 fans at Target center to watch the Minnesota Twins. 

Another thing to do during break is to fly to a dream destination. Although traveling by plane puts one more at risk of getting exposed COVID-19, it is sometimes the only option. Senior Caleb Belting is planning on flying to Florida with his friends. Belting said, “I’m really excited to go to Florida with the boys. I am looking forward to deep sea fishing.” Florida seems extra appealing because of the recent snowfall. Another student, senior Caden Kubicek said, “If I could go anywhere for spring break it would be to Alaska to go snowboarding.” 

The last suggestion is to volunteer during the long break. Many organizations rely on volunteers to stay open. Volunteering is a great experience. It gives one the opportunity to give back to the community and help those in need. A few local volunteering options are Big Brothers Big Sisters, The Salvation Army, Young Life, Steele County Humane Society and Beds for Kids. Volunteers are happier, feel more personal connections, and are healthier physically and mentally.  

Spring break is coming up and there are many ways students can make the most of it. Whether it’s family dinner at a restaurant, going on vacation or staying at home to watch movies there is something for everyone. After the break students will be returning to school four days a week for the first time this school year.