The return of the student section


Designed by Collin Vick

Student sections have returned to Hockey and Basketball games

Collin Vick, writer

The OHS student section has made a return to basketball and hockey games. On Feb. 18 the student section made its return after almost a year-long absence. Before Feb. 18, all tickets to any sporting activities were given to the athletes family. However, as Governor Walz announced that more fans are allowed, students are back in the stands.

The student section this year is a little different because of the pandemic. To get into the student section you must sign up online and only a certain amount of students will get tickets. All spectators of the events must wear masks also.

Many students are really excited to be back and supporting the hockey and basketball teams in person. Before they were only able to watch home games on Owatonna Live. OHS Senior Johnny wall said, “I was hyped” when he heard the student section was making a return. 

The student section is one of the staples at Owatonna Basketball games. Getting the student section back as the section tournament approaches is a huge advantage. The Huskies most likely will have at least one home game. Junior point guard Tyrel Creger said, “Home advantage is so much more important when we actually have fans to cheer.”

For almost all the season there has been no student section. This has led to a little less energy in the gym. Head Boys Basketball Coach Josh Williams said, “To not have our player’s peers there supporting them and cheering them on was depressing at times and gave an entirely different feel to the game.” 

There are no student sections for postseason play but the games will be live streamed on for you to support the teams.