All American Season 3 filled with drama


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CW network releases its third season of All American

Collin Vick, Writer

The TV show All American is in the midst of season three. All American is a teenage drama, sports series that does a very good job at relating to teenage life in the present world. The show’s actors and actresses include: Daniel Ezra, Taye Diggs, Samantha Logan, Bre-Z and Greta Onieogou. These actors and actresses play some of the major roles in the show. 

The popular network CW released its first episode of the show All American on Oct. 10 2018. New episodes were released of the show from Oct. 2018 -March 2019. When all the episodes from the first season were out on the CW the show was put on Netflix where it gained lots of attraction. Season two of the show released its episodes from Oct. 2019 -March 2020. Just like season one when all episodes were released from the CW it was put on Netflix. This was when the show really took off. As places began to shut down because of COVID-19 and people were at home last March and April, All American really took off and became a top 10 show on Netflix. 

All American season three has started a little differently than past years. At the end of season two the main character and star football player Spencer James announced that he was transferring from Beverly Hills High School where he had been for the first two seasons. He is transferring back home to his old school Crenshaw High School. James left a lot of his friends back in Beverly Hills to go back to his home and try to help heal the community which in the previous seasons had been troubled with violence. Even though James transferred schools, his friends from Beverly Hills still play a significant part in the show but now he is in a fight with best friend Coop. 

James isn’t the only one making the move from Beverly to Crenshaw. James’s mentor and head coach also decided to make the move back to Crenshaw where he used to go to school when he was younger. 

One big difference between season three and the first two have been a little less about football and more about the lifestyle and relationships of the characters in the show. Even though there hasn’t been as much football, each episode has a new surprise popping up. Characters found out what all happened last summer on the Las Vegas trip and life altering decisions were made by characters.  Sophomore Ty Svenby said, “I’ve been surprised and everything that’s been happening and it gets me on the edge of my seat for more.”

All American season three is a fan favorite for many reasons. Its based around high school life in today’s world. Many scenes that occur in the show are very relatable to teenagers today. For example the friends getting together at random times, hanging out at their favorite spot and having fun. One of the main characters becomes famous and wants to drop out of school and pursue music. Also relatable things like racism acts occur and the character fights back against and raises awareness. The show also highlights being a student athlete and needing to get grades right to be able to play. 

All American season three released its first episode on Jan. 18 2021 titled season pass. Over a million people watched this episode according to The next episode which will start the second half of the season will air on April 12, 2021.  With the first half of the season being loaded with surprises, what will the second half have in store for the watcher and what new surprises will unfold.