Good Girls new season release on Netflix


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Netflix releases new season of “Good Girls”. Source: What’s on Netflix

Brittany Sackett, Writer

Good girls was released on Netflix in Feb. of 2018. On Feb. 16, 2021 they released the third season on Netflix, although that is not the newest season, it was still a big hit. On March 8, 2021 Hulu started releasing a new episode of the fourth season every Sunday. 

Trying to relate to people’s everyday life with financial problems, this show takes a little twist which most people will not take. The show starts out with two sisters, Beth(Christina Hendricks), Annie( Mae Whitman), and their best friend Ruby( Retta) who seem to be struggling financially. With Beth’s cheating husband who started ruining the family, Ruby’s daughters medical bills, and Annie’s custody battle they have to try and figure out the best way to get money for all of them. After many discussions they all agree on what they think is the best way to all relieve their financial problems, robbing a grocery store. When they get done robbing the store they think everything is fine with nobody on their trail, but after a few days trouble finds them. 

In order to stay alive they must back pay everything they stole. But with their financial status they had no way of doing that. Rio, the leader, decides he is going to give them a special job in order to get him his money back. Ms. Samantha Ashton said, “I like that it is your average everyday moms that get them into a gang’s work that they have to try and do.” Once they finished the job they thought that they were done, but Rio had other plans for them. 

As the new season begins a lot is going on in all the lives of the three women. Still trying to resolve some old things, new things have sprung up. Trying to get out of this work keeps getting harder, but the ladies are still fighting it. Many viewers say season one is a good one, but after that it becomes predictable over and over again. As others say this show is very binge worthy. Although this show is not one that most people know about, but is definitely worth the watch.