‘Vintage Carnival’ prom preparations underway


Margret Jacott, Writer

As the school board deemed prom an acceptable event to happen this year, the preparations are in full swing as the prom committee has been gathering to create the event. The Prom Committee, a group of 32 senior girls led by Ms. Maria Versteeg, are collaborating with one another to make sure that this year’s event will be the right mix of safe and fun. 

The 2021 prom is going to be held at the Four Seasons Arena on May 8, with a ‘Vintage Carnival’ theme. However, the event itself will be quite different this year. Instead of holding prom and after prom in separate locations, the prom committee has decided to combine both events to take place at one time at the Four Seasons.  Photo stop chair senior Emma Dahnert, said, “I’m super excited to set up and experience prom and after prom all in one. It will definitely be different but fun!”

 Inside the arena, there will be two different picture stops, a DJ, casino games and tables where attendees can sit, play board games and eat food. The dance floor however, is limited to a certain number of people at a time. 

The Prom Committee has been meeting every Monday before school to collaborate with one another about the event and what it will look like. Prom Committee adviser, Ms. Maria Versteeg said, “The vision for prom this year is an inclusive and accessible event that will allow OHS students to safely socialize and engage in community with one another.” This prom will definitely be a prom like no other, and the girls are working hard to see to it that everyone has a memorable evening. 

While prom is in full swing, COVID-19 regulations are still going to be implemented. The two main restrictions include required masks and that everyone follows social distancing guidelines. It is important that everyone has the ability to feel safe at the event and stay healthy. 

Skipping tradition for the very first time in town history, Grand March is not going to happen publicly this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, there is going to be a professional photographer at each picture stop so dates can still get their picture taken. In addition, tickets will be available to be sold on May 3 -May 7 in the OHS Cafeteria during school lunches for $30 a person.