Truelson commits to Saint John’s University


Gavin Rein

Brayden Truelson warms up for a game vs. Austin. Truelson will attend St. John’s University

Nick Williams, Writer

Athletics have always been very important to Brayden Truelson, whether that meant playing Football, or Baseball. He has had a burning passion for these sports ever since he was a little kid. His love for the game, and his incredible talent has allowed Truelson to play baseball at the next level. Truelson will be attending Saint John’s University who has made the playoffs in each of the last ten years, they are the only team in the MIAC to do so. The beautiful campus, nice facilities, elite coaching and great academics were all Truelson needed to commit to Saint John’s University.

 Although Truelson is known for his pitching, he showed an incredible ability to play several different positions, as well as hit the ball very effectively in his sophomore baseball season. Truelson pitched 36.2 innings with an ERA of 2.673 and 14 strikeouts. Head Coach Tate Cummins said, “Brayden has been a special player throughout his high school career. First off, he’s a team- first type of player. He’s always interested in how he can make the team better. He’s willing to help wherever he is needed. Secondly, he enjoys the game and athletics as a whole. He loves to compete. This allows him to push himself to become better and better every single year. He’s never satisfied. Truelson’s work ethic and great attitude has made him one of the most enjoyable players to coach for Tate Cummins.

Truelson’s leadership abilities might be the most impressive thing about him. He was named captain in both football and baseball in his senior year, and many of his teammates think very highly of him as a leader. Fellow senior captain, Payton Beyer said, “Brayden’s ability to lead is  outstanding, he is not only a great player but an even better leader who makes everyone around him better.” Truelson has been a huge reason the Huskies have had so much success over the past three years in both football and baseball.

Truelson is very excited to get on campus and begin his college baseball career. Truelson said, “I am excited to create bonds and friendships with my teammates and make a ton of great memories.” Teammates and coaches are very excited to see what Truelson is able to accomplish at the next level.