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Hiking for hydration

In the Owatonna High School there are only a few water fountains that are usable. One of the many effects COVID-19 has pushed on the high school is that almost all the water fountains are closed. The school taped off all water fountains with a drinkable spigot, so how are students able to get water throughout the school day? The water fountains allowed are the ones with water bottle fillers. The OHS building being over 100 years old that leaves very few water bottle filler fountains.

There are only six fountains that a student can access to get water they need for the school day or practice after school. That is another big part of water fountains. Student athletes have to bring their own drink to practice after school. It has left many wondering where these fountains are located and how easy they are accessible. 

The six are located in these areas: There are two in the commons area across the gym, that are most used and are often busy with students and faculty using them. There is one located in the math hallway by the stairs, this is the only one in that part of the school. There is one located by the auditorium. Band, choir and orchestra kids mostly use this one. There is one located in the Upper C Plaza. Lastly, there is one by the green hallway. Although convenient spots,  there are still areas of the school that are not by a water fountain that is currently usable. 

OHS Magnet staff timed how long it takes to walk from a classroom or an area of the school to a near water fountain. Some of the areas have a nearby fountain, therefore we did not time those. The Magnet staff did the places that didn’t have a fountain close. These times are at a moderate to fast-paced walk. 

 Minutes to:

The nurse’s office fountain. 

  • Mr. Churchill’s room to fountain.1:55
  •  Ms. Wagner’s room to fountain.2:50

The end of the green hallway fountain.

  • Ms. Sager’s room to fountain. 1:09
  • Ms. Pittman’s room to fountain. :37 

The upper C Plaza fountain.

  • Ms. Ingvaldson’s room to fountain. :42

The math hallway fountain. 

  • Mr. Dinse’s room to the math hallway fountain. 1: 20 
  • Mr. Sullivan’s room to math hallway fountain. 1:00

The commons fountain.

  • Wrestling room to fountain. :52 
  • Mr. Cummins’s room to fountain. :55 
  • Mr. Dinse’s room to fountain. 1: 37 
  • Ms. Wagner’s room to fountain. 1:25

This next part is rating each and every water fountain. There will be a five star rating for overall performance. Each water fountain will be judged on water quality, coldness level, pressure, and location. These four stats determine the overall stars given to each water fountain. 

Trophy case commons
ATM commons
Nurse’s office
Green hallway
Math Hallway
Upper C Plaza

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