Abe Stockwell’s next level at Carroll University


Oliver Hansen

Senior Abe Stockwell takes a knee to pray before the game begins.

Cael Robb, Writer

The thought of playing college football never really crossed the mind of Abe Stockwell until last year. After that thought, Stockwell has been working and preparing to try and play at that next level. Stockwell will be attending Carroll University in Wisconsin. Carroll is a part of the college conference of Illinois and Wisconsin. The dream really did not come into perspective until the coach contacted Stockwell after he applied and got accepted into Carroll. The coach was impressed with Stockwell’s film and called him up and the rest is history.

From last year to this year, Stockwell was able to gain a good amount of muscle and weight to fill into his offensive line position and to be a key player on the starting line. Being on the line, Stockwell did not really have any stats for this season, but Head Coach Jeff Williams said, “He’s very bright and is really coachable.” Williams adds, “He picked up all the blocking stuff really well.” Stockwell does not know what position he will play yet but whatever it is he will work at it and do it to his best ability. 

Stockwell is excited and ready to go to Carroll. Stockwell said, “I’m most excited for a fresh start. Starting new, new team, new coaches and new weight room.” He cannot wait to call Carroll University home and with only 1,400 students that will be a good, easy place for him to settle right into and he is excited for what his future holds at Carroll University.