Koziolek’s hard work pays off


Designed by Collin Vick

Ethan Koziolek will attend South Central College on a workforce Scholarship.

Collin Vick, writer

Getting through high school and committing to college is something that takes lots of work and dedication. Getting a scholarship for college can be even more challenging, even though these things are difficult, they are achievable with hard work. Owatonna senior, Ethan Koziolek, has done them. Koziolek is set to graduate from Owatonna High School this June and has just committed to attend South Central College. Along with being set to graduate high school and committing to South Central College, Koziolek was also Awarded a $2,500 Workforce and Development scholarship. 

This scholarship is renewable up to four years, when he found out the news was amazed. Koziolek said, “ I was completely speechless and didn’t know how to react, I was shocked, but really happy at the same time.” When Koziolek attends South Central College he plans to major in Civil Engineering Technology, along with working on his major, he will also be taking extra classes to get a GIS Certification. Once Koziolek finishes college he plans to get a job in the civil engineering tech field. 

This year Koziolek had the chance to do some post-secondary enrollment options (PSEO) and become a PSEO student. As a PSEO student Koziolek has been able to already take some classes at South Central College and has already achieved some college credits. Koziolek said, “I am a senior now and I had the chance to do PSEO and I took that chance. Being a PSEO student makes my schedule more productive and it’s free!” Koziolek has liked South Central College and has been interested in going there for a while. Koziolek said, “I have wanted to go to South Central college since I was in eighth grade. Once I got to high school, the college and career days were my favorite. Every year I would go talk to the South Central table first.” Koziolek will be a great addition to the South Central College family.